Let's build hope

Round Table: "What's the Savoyard force for wood construction of industrial premises?" Speech by Jean-Luc Sandoz: "Wood and performance for the construction of local industrial and commercial activities." Speech by Olivier CHAUMONTET: Director of the Union of Forest Towns of Rhône-Alpes "How to successfully tender wood constructions."
What seems like a simple visit of the Ecotim workshops turned into a motivating speech by Jean-Luc Sandoz for the use of wood to build hope. A brief explanation ... Build in local wood to restore the local circular economy. The client (perhaps the town for its new school?) commands a wooden building, the local carpenter ordres wood from the sawyer, the sawyer buys the wood from the town who cuts the trees in its forest. The town makes money it could reinvest in maintenance of one of its other buildings.
Oliver CHAUMONTET spoke about the certification of Alpine Wood "Bois des Alpes". Certification that will make it possible to prescribe quality wood from local production.
Speeches that fuel me to keep fighting for sustainable development!