Restructuration and extension off the townhall of Gaillard

Dejong-Gaillard-011.jpg Dejong-Gaillard-046.jpg Dejong-Gaillard-040.jpg Dejong-Gaillard-049.jpg Dejong-Gaillard-216.jpg Dejong-Gaillard-003.jpg Dejong-Gaillard-368.jpg Dejong-Gaillard-392.jpg

The town of Gaillard (74) entrusted us with the restructuring and expansion of its town hall. The aim of this project is a welcoming environment and understandability of the space. This extension project was intended to value the old town Hall. A new place has been set. The square creates a unqiue public space. The pavement of natural stone and sandblasted glass of the place continues onto the façade. this reflects the urban scale of the project while strongly marking its protection from the north. At night, the place and the new building, streaked with bright bands of light punctuated benches, create a strong signal and emphasize the molding of the old town hall in the center of the mall.

This is the first highperformance environmental building realized by the DJA office. The building has set the pace for all projects by DJA. Its environmental and low energy capacity is certified by CERTIVEA/CSTB and has a HQE label.
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